Who are we

EatMol is a cloud-base food service management solution that helps businesses of all sizes within the food and beverage industry to simply their business flow from receiving orders, payment to deliver in one system.

Our Goals

1. Reducing operating cost

2. Increasing sales

3. User friendly system for both merchants and users

Who should register?

1. New startup food company

2. Restaurants and Cafe

3. Central kitchen operators

4. Bakery, snack food suppliers etc...

5. Individual with Home-made food products

6. Everyone who has interested to sell their food products with own delivery service

How to start my business

1. Go to Restaurant Signup

2. Pick the subscription plan 

3. Opt the plan, fill in the your restaurant/personal details, click Submit

4. Make payment and your business is ready On-The-Run now....

Product Features

1. Make online ordering convenient for your customers.

2. Track orders as they come in.

3. Creating discount vouches at any time

4. Option of deliver your own or send by third party delivery team

5. Creating loyalty program (point) when customers orders your products

6. Table reservation booking is available

7. Option for Pickup or Delivery, Pre-order

8. Take order for Dine in customers....

9. Many mores.....

Don't wait anymore, email us at [email protected] to meet up now.!