Duck Drumstick

Our signature dish, Duck Drumstick Mee, is made from handmade wan ton mee using our family secret recipe. Our Duck Drumstick soup has been traditionally made with duck drumstick double boiled with herbs. The duck drumsticks served are soft and tender that would melt in your mouth. You would want more than one. Upon leaving you would be craving for more.


Duck Drumstick Noodle (DRY)


Char Siew Wan Tan

Our Wan Ton Mee, are made from handmade wan ton mee using our family secret recipe. Our Wan Ton has been traditionally made mostly with fresh shrimp wrapped in homemade Wan Ton wrap. Known to be gargantuan in size, leaving you mouthful and satisfied.


Shredded Chicken with Mushroom

Our shredded chicken has been de-bone and cooked with a special gravy sauce added with shredded mushroom and a hint of chinese wine. Served with our handmade wan ton mee. Suitable for both adult and as well as childrens.


Rempah Chicken

Our rempah chicken is a new introduction to Pun Chun Noodle House’s Menu. Made with a spicy curry blend and cooked till tender, the taste of the curry seeps into the chicken meat.


Dry Curry Pork Rib

Dry Curry Pork Rib is essentially an alternative choice of meat besides of chicken. Served with our homemade wan ton mee.


Mushroom Chicken Feet

To all those chicken feet lover, we offer you our chicken feet are braised with mushroom till tender. The chicken is so tender; it melts in your mouth. Served with our homemade wan ton mee, it is recommended to those that have a soft spot for chicken feet


Sweet & Sour Pork Trotter

A revision of the traditional vinegar pork, Pun Chun Noodle House’s Sweet & Sour Pork Trotter will be serve with our famous own made wan tan noodle or white rice. The updated version is consist of a thick sweet and sour gravy which is very appetising and appealing to the mouth pellet.


Curry Mee

Pun Chun Noodle House’s Curry Mee only available on weekends and certain days of the week. Pun Chun Noodle House’s Curry Mee is rather different than the conventional curry mee. Curry soup based are made from dried anchovies to give its distinctive sweet taste. Serve with our own made wan ton noodle, fried wan tan, tau fu pok and char siew.




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